2019 Lincoln Continental Car Technology Features - Lincoln.com


The Continental includes a suite of our most advanced technology ever so that you can start your journey with confidence.
This shows how the available Head Up Display projects driver information on to the windshield


By allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road, the Head-Up Display** helps being aware of the road ahead easier. It contributes to a custom driving experience by letting drivers choose what data to display, from standard driving information to adaptive cruise control settings, lane-keeping information and more. The Continental Head-Up Display, with its adjustable viewing position, is the biggest and brightest windshield-projected informational display in its class.†  Plus, digital light projection, another industry-first for Lincoln, allows the display to be visible in more ambient lighting conditions than systems offered by competitors, even when the driver is wearing polarized sunglasses. 


**Don’t drive while distracted. See owner’s manual for details and system limitations.

†Class is Luxury Full-Size Sedans based on Lincoln segmentation.

The available full LED adaptive headlamps are shown as they sparkle brilliantly


Dynamic adaptive HID headlamps, standard on the Lincoln Continental, swivel from side to side with the steering wheel. As you turn the steering wheel, the entire beam pattern sweeps across the road in the direction of the turn, helping to illuminate a wider stretch of road when compared to non- adaptive headlamps. At speeds between 1 and 35 mph, the reflectors in the available adaptive full-LED headlamps widen the low-beam pattern to help illuminate pedestrians or other roadside objects. The reflectors also adapt in relation to the steering wheel position, adding more light in the direction of the turn.

Adaptive LED headlamps shown.

The central in-dash screen shows how the available 360 degree camera can display what is behind your vehicle


The available 360-degree camera61  lets you maneuver in low-speed situations with a view of your surroundings. Four cameras, one on the front, rear and sides merge to provide a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle. This system will allow you to have a better awareness of what might be around corners, down alleyways and while backing into tight parking spaces.