What are Connected Services?

Lincoln Connected Services is a collection of advanced digital features designed to elevate your driving experience.
The center-stack display imagery showing Lincoln BlueCruise is enabled.
A woman is shown driving a Lincoln vehicle hands-free using Lincoln BlueCruise on a highway.
The 13.2-inch LCD center touchscreen shows the SYNC® 4 interface that pulls your mobile device view on screen.

Enhance your drive

These premium services enhance the driver’s experience for convenience and confidence behind the wheel. Available on select models with complimentary trials.

Enjoy the Ride

Stream your favorite content for up to 10 devices to your vehicle’s 5G Wi-Fi.* These premium services enrich the experience for drivers and passengers and are available on select models with complimentary trials.

Complimentary Connected Services

Upon ownership you can access these benefits by simply activating your vehicle’s modem and connecting through the Lincoln Way® App164 or your account dashboard on Lincoln.com.
Someone is shown holding a mobile device displaying the Lincoln Way app.
A woman is shown walking to a Lincoln Corsair SUV while holding a mobile device.
A woman is shown walking to a Lincoln Navigator SUV.
Someone is shown holding a mobile device displaying the Lincoln Way app.
A woman is shown walking to a Lincoln vehicle while holding a mobile device displaying Vehicle Health Alerts.
A Lincoln SUV is shown driving over a bridge.
A woman is shown looking at her mobile device while someone changes a tire on a nearby Lincoln vehicle.
A woman is shown typing on keyboard while talking on a headset telephone.
A man is handing keys to a woman in front of a Lincoln SUV

How to Use Connected Services

Each of our Connected Services features is enabled and supported by the latest innovations on the road. Take a closer look at the technology behind the experiences.
A man is shown in front of a Lincoln SUV while holding a mobile device displaying Lincoln Connect.

Lincoln Connect®

With Lincoln Connect,162 even when your Lincoln vehicle is out of sight, it's never really out of reach. That's because this available technology – powered by your vehicle's built-in 4G modem and the AT&T nationwide network – connects clients to their vehicle from almost anywhere through the Lincoln Way® App on a smartphone.164 

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A woman is shown entering a home holding a mobile device with a Lincoln SUV in the background.

Lincoln Way® App

Here’s how to download the Lincoln Way App and start using the convenience of Connect and Control:

  • Download the Lincoln Way App from the App Store® or Google Play™
  • Enroll by creating an account or logging in to an existing account
  • Create a PIN, then add and activate your new Lincoln using Lincoln Connect162 
  • Set up and start using Phone As A Key*
2023 Lincoln Black Label Nautilus® model shown. Available at participating Lincoln Black Label Retailers only.

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A person is in the second-row seat of a Lincoln vehicle using their mobile device.

Wi-Fi Hotspot4 

Set up and connect to your vehicle’s Lincoln Connect®162 modem and connect up to 10 devices simultaneously as well as make or receive calls.

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi hotspot:

  • Fast data speeds through a 4G/5G LTE connection on the AT&T nationwide wireless network
  • Powerful vehicle antenna that maintains connection for up to 50 feet outside of the vehicle for up to 10 devices to utilize the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time

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A person operates a Lincoln vehicle while tapping the center-stack display touchscreen.

Lincoln Digital Experience

The next leap forward in digital integration, Lincoln Digital Experience offers connectivity, expanded voice assistance integration, and support from Google apps and services. Available with the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus® and 2025 Lincoln Aviator® SUVs, drivers can enjoy the convenience of hands-free help from Google Assistant, real-time insights using Google Maps, and the ability to download more apps on Google Play.*
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve model shown

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A Lincoln Corsair center-stack display is shown.


This unique, customer-driven technology combines conversational voice recognition, cloud-based connectivity, hassle-free software updates, and so much more to bring you a seamless and personalized driving experience. To connect a smartphone to your vehicle, simply:

  • Make sure you enable Bluetooth®* on your device
  • Press ADD A PHONE and follow the prompts
  • The system will then present you with a pop-up on the screen with a passcode. You will have to verify that the code matches the code on your smart phone or tablet.
2023 Lincoln Corsair Reserve model shown.

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