What do I do if I am unable to create an online Lincoln Account?

There are a few different reasons you may see an error message when trying to create an online Lincoln Account. Review the guidelines below to help address your concerns. 

Important: Ensure you are creating your account on Chrome or Edge, as the website does not support Internet Explorer.

Email Requirements

Your email must meet specific requirements, or it will receive an error during account creation. Listed below are some of the more common rules that may cause an account activation error. 

Refer to the following table for email address registration rules: 

Error Message RuleExample of a Failing Email Address
It should only have one "@" symbol.happy@client@yahoo.com
Certain special characters are not allowed, such as spaces, closing braces, semicolons, and tick marks.lincoln(owner)@aol.com
It should have more than one character before the "@" symbol.l@gmail.com
There should not be any periods after the "@", except for one before ".com".concierge@a.o.l.com

It should not have any of the following values: 

  • NO
  • NONE
  • NA
  • N/A
  • NOT
  • TEST
  • INFO
  • SPAM
  • WEB
  • HELP

If your email meets the registration rules, but you still can not create an online account, try registering with a different email address.

Non-Email Related Error Messages

You may receive a non-email related error message when trying to create an online account, such as:  

  • "Failed, please try again later" when creating a new account.
  • “Account Already Exists” when trying to make an account again later.

If you receive either of these error messages, contact Lincoln Concierge by clicking Live Chat on the Lincoln Support website, or calling 1-800-521-4140.

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