What is an Escheat Letter from Lincoln?

An Escheat Process Letter may be sent to customers and small suppliers to whom Lincoln owes money advising that we are in possession of their unclaimed property. For example, a customer could purchase a vehicle and Lincoln Motor Company mails the rebate check. If the check is subsequently returned by the post office, Lincoln makes additional attempts to reach the customer by mail with an Escheat Process Letter. If there is no means of contacting the customer, then these funds are turned over to their State’s Treasury Department as unclaimed property.

If you receive an Escheat Letter, complete the forms and mail them to:
Ford Motor Company
Unclaimed Property Division
P.O. Box 1718
Dearborn, MI 48121

If you have submitted the documentation and want to inquire about the claim status, please send an email to NATESCH@ford.com.

If the letter was received several years ago and you never responded, the funds were likely returned to the treasury department of the state government in which you resided at the time. Please go to that state government's website and search for unclaimed property. Each state has a means of searching for and claiming these assets.