Where can I find my VIN?

Your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a series of 17 alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies your vehicle. The letters I and O are not included; they are represented numerically by the numbers 1 (One) and 0 (Zero).

The characters themselves record specific information regarding the vehicle manufacturer, place of assembly, and other details.

You can find the VIN:

  • On a metal tag affixed to the driver's side of the dashboard, closest to the windshield (the tag is visible from the outside of the vehicle)  
  • On the driver's side doorjamb when the door is open 
  • On your vehicle documentation (registration, title, insurance policy, lease, or promissory note)

The below table provides information regarding the vin locations for various models built during different time periods.

VIN Location on Vehicle

1968 to Current

Passenger Car & Light-Truck

Warranty Data Plate on driver-side door and driver-side dashboard near the windshield on an aluminum tab.

1960's Light-Truck Driver-side door jamb or glove compartment (depends on model)
1950's to 1960's Parcel Delivery Vehicles Right hand dash panel
1950's to 1960's Passenger Car Driver-side door jamb
1950's Light Truck (except_Parcel Delivery Vehicle Inside the the glove compartment
1935 to 1941 Passenger Cars & Light-Trucks Top left hand side of the frame between the steering gear box and firewall (bulkhead).


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