Where can I purchase touch-up paint for my Lincoln?

To purchase touch-up paint, use your paint code to find the part number. Then, use the part number to search parts.ford.com for availability and pricing. 

To find your Lincoln touch-up paint part number:

  1. Find your vehicle's paint code located on your vehicle's doorjamb label. The exterior paint code will be labeled as EXT PNT followed by two characters.
    Screen shot of a Sample Door Jamb Label
  2. Access FCSD Chemicals and Lubricants Quick Reference Charts.
  3. Scroll down until you see the TOUCH-UP PAINT heading.
  4. Click on the PDF icon to the left of Motorcraft®* Lacquer Touch-up Paints Cross Reference Chart.
  5. Once downloaded, open the PDF.
  6. Search by the two-digit paint code for the Color Name and Motorcraft Service Part Number.
  7. Once you have the part number, visit parts.ford.com.
  8. Select Keyword/Part#.
    Screen shot of the Ford parts website with Keyword/Part# called out.
  9. Enter the touch-up paint part number.
  10. Click on Search Catalog and select a retailer to view prices and availability.

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*Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.