Lincoln Grand Touring — Helpful Tips

As technology evolves, our understanding of it needs to evolve as well. There are many tips available to help make owning and caring for your Lincoln Grand Touring vehicle as simple as possible.

Range expectation

Plug-in hybrid vehicle batteries are very durable and do not deteriorate over time. That said, extreme high and low temperatures can affect your battery’s range. High temperatures require the use of energy to cool the battery. Colder temperatures use energy to warm the battery to operate properly.

Maximizing regenerative braking

In addition to plug-in charging, Grand Touring models feature regenerative braking, which helps partially recharge the battery. Use the EV Coach screen to help maximize regenerative braking to improve efficiency and battery charging.

Departure times

By setting a Departure Time, your vehicle can use your Charge Times settings to help minimize your electricity costs but still prioritize reaching the desired charge level before you need to depart.

Cabin preconditioning

You can customize your cabin conditioning settings including air temperature and more, for each Departure Time. Note, your vehicle may charge outside of your set preferred Charge Times due to other settings, such as Departure Times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t charge my vehicle?

If you do not charge your vehicle, it will drive like a traditional hybrid, efficiently combining the gas engine and battery power without any impact on vehicle performance. In Preserve EV mode, the engine will charge the high voltage battery until it reaches 75% state of charge, if not already at that minimum level. Once 75% state of charge is achieved it will drive like a traditional hybrid, combining gas engine and battery power while utilizing regenerative braking, which recovers energy from braking and stores it as battery power.

What’s the benefit of having a portable dual-voltage charging cord?

With a portable dual-voltage charging cord, you will have access to recharging virtually anywhere you can access a 120V or 240V outlet.

Is there anything I can do to make my vehicle charge faster?

Level 2 is the fastest charge level compatible with current Lincoln Grand Touring models. Consult your certified electrician about accommodating a higher amp load if you want to support ownership of a fully battery electric vehicle in the future.

What does EV Coach do?

EV Coach shows you when you are using gas, electric or hybrid operation to power the vehicle. It also shows when you are recapturing battery power through regenerative braking.


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