Charging away from home

With the Lincoln Way™ App, thousands of third-party charging stations are at your fingertips. Plus, with your portable dual-voltage charging cord, included with the purchase or lease of your Lincoln Grand Touring SUV, charging when you’re away from home is effortless.

Charging stations

In addition to at home, your vehicle can be charged at thousands of public charging stations across the U.S.* Plus, you’re backed by a gas engine that keeps you moving toward your destination when charging isn’t an option.

Charging connectors

The charge port on your Lincoln Grand Touring vehicle is compatible with a SAE J1772 connector and is capable of receiving a Level 1 or Level 2 charge.

Finding stations with the Lincoln Way™ App

The Lincoln Way App™ can help you easily locate nearby charging stations. The app will offer valuable information, including number of plugs available as well as the presence of restrooms and Wi-Fi hotspots.**

To find stations:

  1. Go to the map tab
  2. Select charging in the menu of the map options
  3. Use the J1772 plug filter to find compatible charging stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lincoln have a charging network?

Lincoln does not provide a private charging network. With the Lincoln Way App, you can locate public charging stations* across North America.

*Offered by individual network providers that may require setting up an account.

What type of charging stations does the Lincoln Way App help me find?

The Lincoln Way App will help you find Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. A Level 2 charger plugs into a 240-volt AC power source while a Level 3 charger is hardwired into a DC circuit. A Level 2 charger offers the fastest charging available for the Lincoln Grand Touring models and will fully charge the battery in 3 to 4 hours. You can identify public charging stations with the required J1772 plug by using the J1772 filter in your query via the app. Lincoln does not currently offer any vehicles capable of using a Level 3 charger.

How does the Lincoln Way App display nearby charging stations?

Go to the Map tab and then select charging in the menu of map options. You can also add a filter such as the J1772 plug. Click on the lightning bolt icons, representing available charge points, to learn more about them, including the number of plugs as well as restroom or Wi-Fi availability.

Do I have to pay for charging at charging stations?

Usually. Please note that third-party charging station owners establish the charging rates and may vary from location to location, and you may be required you to set up an account.

What happens if I don’t charge my vehicle?

If you do not charge your vehicle, it will drive like a traditional hybrid, efficiently combining the gas engine and battery power without any impact on vehicle performance. In Preserve EV mode, the engine will charge the high voltage battery until it reaches 75% state of charge, if not already at that minimum level. Once 75% state of charge is achieved it will drive like a traditional hybrid, combining gas engine and battery power while utilizing regenerative braking, which recovers energy from braking and stores it as battery power.


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*Offered by individual network providers that may require setting up an account.

**Location services must be enabled on your Lincoln Way App for these capabilities to function properly.