Remote start system

Your Lincoln may be equipped with a remote start system that allows you to turn on the ignition from up to 300 feet away. Whether it’s a cold winter morning or a hot summer day, just press a button, and the remote start feature can help adjust your vehicle’s interior to a comfortable temperature before your journey begins.



The remote start system will not work if:

  • The ignition is on.
  • The alarm system is triggered.
  • You disable the feature.
  • The hood is open.
  • The transmission is not in park (P).
  • The vehicle battery voltage is too low.
  • The service engine soon light is on.

WARNING:To avoid dangerous concentrations of exhaust fumes, do not use remote start if your vehicle is parked indoors or in an area that is not well ventilated.

Note: Do not use remote start if your vehicle is low on fuel.

Remote Control Feedback (If Equipped)

Solid green.Remote start or extension successful.
Solid red.Remote stop successful; vehicle off.
Blinking red.Remote start or stop failed.
Blinking green.Waiting for status update.

Using Remote Start

Remote Starting with an Intelligent Access Transmitter

If the vehicle has been remote started with an integrated keyhead transmitter, you must switch the ignition on before driving your vehicle. With an intelligent access transmitter, you must press the Start/Stop button on the instrument panel once while applying the brake pedal before driving your vehicle.

Turning the Vehicle Off After Remote Starting

Press the button once to turn the vehicle off after remote starting. The parking lamps will turn off. To turn the vehicle off, you may have to be closer to the vehicle than when starting due to ground reflection and added noise from the running vehicle.

Memory Feature

You can use your intelligent access keyfob recall the memory seat position, mirror position, and steering column position (if equipped) upon remote start. The keyfob must first be linked to a pre-set position. See Memory Function.

Additional Information

How do I extend my remote start?