How do I unlock my Lincoln when the Intelligent Access Key is not working?

The Intelligent Access key contains a removable mechanical key blade. It can be used to unlock the driver's door in case the remote transmitter battery loses its charge.

Accessing the Key Blade

  1. Slide the release on the back of the transmitter.
  2. Either pull out the key blade or pivot the cover off.

The key cylinder is located under a cap on the driver's door handle. To insert the key blade and unlock the door, you must first remove the cap.

Removing the Cap

  1. Insert the key blade into the slot on the bottom of the handle and press up.
  2. Applying upward pressure, move the cap rearward to release it. Gently remove the key.

Reinstalling the Cap

  1. Place the cap just forward of the key cylinder.
  2. Applying pressure to the cap, move it forward until it is in place. You may hear a snap as it engages. Try to move it rearward to make sure you have properly installed the cap.

Once you are in the vehicle, the key fob is stored in a pocket in the center console or a slot in the steering column. Place the key in the slot and press the Start/Stop button to start your vehicle.


  • The method of accessing the key blade and changing the transmitter battery varies based on the type of key fob that comes with your vehicle.
  • The backup keys that come with your vehicle have a security tag that provides important vehicle key cut information. Keep these tags in a safe place for reference.