What is Lincoln's AdvanceTrac™* Traction Control System (TCS)?

Many Lincoln vehicles come equipped with a TCS, which functions to help avoid loss of traction. When the system senses a loss of traction, it applies braking where needed to keep your vehicle tracking safely on its intended path.

Electronic Stability Enhancement Features

AdvanceTrac provides the following electronic stability enhancement features for certain driving situations:

  • TCS, which functions to help avoid loss of traction
  • Electronic Stability Control, which functions to help prevent skids or lateral slides
  • Roll Stability Control, which functions to help avoid a vehicle rollover

AdvanceTrac is always on and does not require your interaction to operate. However, an AdvanceTrac button is located on the instrument panel if the need to disable it arises. For instance, if you are stuck in snow, mud, or sand, and seem to be losing engine power, switching AdvanceTrac to "Off" may be beneficial as it will allow your wheels to spin. This will restore full engine power and enhance your momentum to get out of the situation. Refer to your Owner's Manual for the location of the AdvanceTrac button for your vehicle.

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*Please refer to your Owner's Manual for more information about how the system operates and what to expect when it automatically engages.