What are Lincoln Digital Scents?

The Lincoln Digital Scent feature is an in-cabin scent diffusion technology designed to help maintain a feeling of peacefulness and serenity while creating an aromatic sanctuary for drivers and passengers.


  • 2024 Nautilus vehicles equipped with Digital Scent will come with three unique scents from the factory: Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure, and Violet Cashmere.
  • Lincoln offers four additional scents for you to purchase and try: Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Twilight Embers, and Sunlight Retreat. Making a total of seven different scents available.

    Gift box with the original 3 included scents and the 4 additional scents for clients to purchase.

Digital Scent Information

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Digital Scent Overview

The sense of smell has one of the strongest connections to memory and emotion and can play a significant role in creating an experience for you on the road.

  • Lincoln engineers and designers have focused on personal wellness with an expanded lineup of the Lincoln Digital Scents available for the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. The team has studied how the senses can affect mood, physical and mental well-being, and how that translates into a relaxing experience for you.
  • Lincoln designers worked with perfumiers to specially curate four new fragrances for the brand: Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Twilight Embers, and Sunlight Retreat. The new scents join those included with the vehicle: Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure, and Violet Cashmere.
  • The scent cartridge's useable life depends on the frequency of use, but you can expect approximately 6 months.

Easily Customizable

A microchip in each scent cartridge allows touchscreen control with the new Lincoln Digital Experience. You can control scent dispersion through three levels and customize how the scent is dispersed throughout your drive.

Digital Scent Cartridges being installed


  • Each scent cartridge features a microchip and is controlled through the vehicle's center stack touchscreen.
  • The scent cartridges diffuse from the center console, separately from the vehicles' heating and cooling systems, so you can turn the scent on and off independently. Scent cartridges were rigorously tested in temperatures -40 degrees Fahrenheit (F) to 185 degrees F (-40 degrees Celcius (C) to 85 degrees C).
    Marketing Picture of the Digital Experience screen showing a client pressing the Mystic Forest Digital Scent

Scent Descriptions and Where to Purchase

Where to Buy

You can visit your participating retailer, use your Lincoln Access Rewards points, utilize the in-vehicle QR code in the all-new Nautilus, or visit the accessories.lincoln.com website and search "Digital Scents" to see available scents and requirements for your vehicle.


  • The scents are available for purchase individually and in packs of three.
  • Participating Lincoln Retailers will offer Scent Cards (scratch and sniff - good for 12 months). This will allow you to smell the different scents prior to purchase.

Digital Scents and Descriptions

Digital Scent


Sunlight RetreatA blend of sandalwood, rose, and jasmine petals with aromatic red fruit top notes.
Cloud BalsamA blend of oaky moss, vanilla bean, and jasmine with pine needles and apple top notes.
Mystic ForestAn earthly blend of cedarwood, amber, patchouli, and oak moss with yuzu and bergamot top notes.
Violet CashmereA blend of exotic white florals and violets infused with citrus and grapefruit top notes.
Twilight EmbersA blend of amber, leather, patchouli, floral, jasmine with apple, and green top notes.
Ozonic AzureA blend of patchouli, freesia, and violet, with a touch of spicy and ozonic top notes.
Serene SeashoreA blend of wood, musk, lily, and jasmine with fresh citrus, lemon, and melon top notes.

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