SYNC 3 Navigation Overview

Find your way with SYNC 3

You can set the optimal route for your journey with the SYNC® 3 Navigation system (if equipped). Designed with you in mind, the system lets you access easy-to-use navigation options with a light tap on the touchscreen or by using simple voice commands.

To set your destination, start by pressing the Navigation icon located in the Feature bar at the bottom of your vehicle’s touchscreen. You can then choose your destination by using the following modes.

Learn how to find a destination with the SYNC 3 Navigation System in this video.

Set a destination

Press the Destination icon to set a destination. This option lets you enter a specific address or use a variety of search methods to get where you want to go. Tap anywhere on the touchscreen map to activate Map mode, which lets you interact with the map’s interface to navigate to a destination.

You can also use voice commands to set a destination or find a point of interest (POI). To access this feature, press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel and tell SYNC where you want to go. Then follow the instructions SYNC gives you by viewing the touchscreen map or a detailed turn-by-turn set of directions. Learn more about navigation voice commands.

No matter which option you choose, SYNC 3 responds quickly, which helps you reach your destination efficiently while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

Easy destination entry

You can quickly locate your favorite restaurants, nearest ATM or highly-rated coffee shops. Use the following convenient options to search for a destination:

Press the Search icon to enter a street address, intersection, city or a point of interest (POI). Type the information into the search bar (like you would for a search engine), and press Search. SYNC then delivers search results based on your individual preferences.

Note: This feature is disabled when the vehicle is in motion.

Use Recent Destinations to select from your last 25 navigation destinations.

Note: Previous destinations cannot be individually deleted from SYNC 3. To delete previous destinations use the “Master Reset” found in the Settings Tab.

You can set Home, Work and other Favorite locations for faster navigation to frequent destinations. Learn how to use this feature.

You can also choose a destination by pressing one of the Point of Interest (POI) icons in the category list.

View your route

To set a destination using Map mode, tap and hold your finger on the map, and a viewfinder will appear. Move the touchscreen to position your desired location under the viewfinder. The capacitive touchscreen allows you to interact with the map by using convenient swiping, zooming and pinching gestures, similar to those used with your smartphone. After you position the map to where you want to go, press the Start button to select the desired location, and once the next screen appears, press Set as New Destination.

Map mode also shows advanced viewing options of 2-D city maps, 3-D landmarks and 3-D city models (when available). You can change your view of the map by tapping the following location indicator icons when they appear on the touchscreen:

Select the Zoom In icon to see a closer view of the map.

Select the Zoom Out icon to see a more distant view of the map.

You can adjust the zoom views in preset increments, as well as pinch to zoom in or out of the map.

When you choose North up icon, the map will always show the northern direction facing the top of the screen.

The Heading up icon always shows the direction of forward travel facing the top of the screen.

Press the 3-D icon to view an elevated perspective of the map, which can help orient you to your destination as you drive. This icon also displays advanced 3-D views of landmarks and city models (when available).

Press the Re-center icon to re-center the map after you’ve scrolled the map away from your vehicle’s current location.

Note: When you’re in an active route, the navigation map shows your estimated time of arrival, remaining travel time and distance to your destination.

After you’ve chosen your destination, press Start Route. The system then uses a variety of screens and visible prompts to guide you to your destination.

Note: SYNC 3 provides an automatic re-route if traffic conditions change to cause a major delay on the originally selected route. Minor traffic changes won’t cause a re-route. This feature requires an active SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link® subscription.

Navigation Menu

Press the Menu icon to access the Navigation Menu in map mode or during active navigation. Select the appropriate icon to activate the following features:

Screen View lets you customize what is displayed on your screen. You can choose from the following options:

  • Full Map displays a full-sized view of your map on the SYNC touchscreen during navigation.
  • Press Highway Exit Info to display point of interest (POI) icons (restaurants, ATMs, etc.) associated with each exit. You can select a POI as a waypoint, if desired. Learn more about this and other advanced navigation features.
  • During active navigation, press Turn List to show all of the available turns on your current route.

Press Navigation Settings to adjust your preferences. Learn more about Settings.

Where am I? When you press this icon, SYNC displays your current location’s city, latitude and longitude, and the nearest road.

The following features are only available during active navigation:

Press the Cancel Route icon to cancel your active route.

Press Mute Guidance to turn off the audio navigation prompts. Press the icon again to turn them back on.

When you press View Route, SYNC 3 will show you a map of your full route. It will also highlight the streets you’ll follow to get to your destination.

Pressing the Detour icon provides you with an alternate route to your destination. SYNC 3 will display it alongside your current route and give you an estimated time of arrival so you can compare your route options.

Traffic List displays SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link® information.34 This feature requires an active subscription to SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link. Learn more about SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link.

Note: The system calculates a reasonably efficient route based on available speed limits, traffic, and road conditions. You may know a local short-cut that is more efficient than the route SYNC gives you, but you should expect SYNC to always be +/- minutes of any alternative.

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