What do I do if channels are not playing on SiriusXM®* 360L?

Before going to the troubleshooting steps below, confirm your SiriusXM 360L subscription is active.

  1. Turn your radio on. 
  2. Tune the Radio Source to SiriusXM.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Access SiriusXM from the Settings menu. 
  • If your vehicle's SYNC screen displays No Subscription or Inactive, contact SiriusXM for assistance with your subscription at 1-888-539-7474

  • If the SYNC screen displays Subscribed, your plan is active.

If you have an active subscription and are experiencing an issue, refer to the troubleshooting below.

Wide range of channels from 1 to 699 not playing

  1. Make sure your vehicle has a clear view of the sky and nothing is on the antenna.
  2. Tune to channel 1.
  3. If channel 1 does not work, move your vehicle to another location and try again.
  4. If your issue is still not resolved, contact Lincoln Concierge at 800-521-4140

Wide range of channels from 700 and above not playing

  1. Make sure both Vehicle Connectivity and SiriusXM 360L are toggled On in Connectivity Settings. For instructions on how to change Connectivity Settings, click here
  2. If Vehicle Connectivity is turned on and you are still experiencing an issue, contact contact Lincoln Concierge at 800-521-4140

One specific channel not playing

If you need to contact Lincoln Concierge, they may request your Sirius XM Electronic Serial Number (ESN).

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*All SiriusXM services require a subscription, sold separately by SiriusXM after the trial period. Your SiriusXM service will automatically stop at the end of your trial unless you decide to subscribe. If you decide to continue service after the trial, the subscription plan chosen will automatically renew and be charged according to your chosen payment method at the then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. See the SiriusXM Customer Agreement & Privacy Policy at www.siriusxm.com for full terms and how to cancel, which includes online methods or calling 1-866-635-2349. Available in the 48 contiguous United States, D.C., and Puerto Rico (with coverage limits and capable receiver). Visit www.siriusxm.com/FAQS for most current service area information. Availability of some services and features is subject to device capabilities and location restrictions. All fees, content and features are subject to change. SiriusXM, Pandora and all related logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its respective subsidiaries.