Why is the Lincoln fuel filler nozzle stuck?

You may experience a stuck fuel filler nozzle if your vehicle is equipped with the Easy Fuel Capless Fuel System. If you do, refer to the information below for directions on proceeding.

Failure Types

The defective fuel filler nozzles can cause three different failure modes with Lincoln’s Easy Fuel Capless Fuel System:

  • Unable to remove the nozzle from the vehicle. This is caused by defective fuel-filling equipment. Fuel-station personnel may be able to use a screwdriver or wire to remove the nozzle, or they may need to disconnect the nozzle from the pump. If this occurs, the vehicle should be towed to a Lincoln Retailer to have the nozzle removed.
  • Unable to insert the nozzle into the vehicle. This is likely caused by defective fuel-filling equipment, and you should try a different pump.
  • Removed the nozzle but with difficulty (e.g. applied considerable force and/or used a screwdriver or wire to remove the nozzle).
    • This may have damaged the fuel filler pipe. This may result in the illumination of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Contact your Lincoln Retailer to have your vehicle inspected.
    • This may result in a premature shut-off of the fuel pump during subsequent refueling events (caused by the nozzle tip coming off the nozzle and becoming lodged in the vehicle's fuel filler pipe). Contact your Lincoln Retailer to have your vehicle inspected.


  • These issues can occur at any brand of fuel station.
  • The manufacturer is working to replace defective fuel filler nozzles.