Adaptive Steering

Does my Lincoln have Adaptive Steering?

Adaptive steering, standard on many Ford and Lincoln models, is engineered to quickly respond to changing conditions — including road surfaces and vehicle speed.

How does it work? To put it as simply as possible, it’s all about steering ratio — which is the relationship between how much you turn the steering wheel and how much the front wheels actually turn.

  • At low speeds, the system allows the front wheels to turn with fewer wheel rotations, which is helpful when pulling into tight spaces
  • At higher speeds, the system further optimizes the steering response and feel by allowing the vehicle to react more precisely to drive input when cornering

It sounds high-tech, and it is. Soon though, you may not even notice that the system is doing its job. You may, however, notice an audible click when you start or turn off your vehicle. That’s normal. It’s just your adaptive steering’s initialization and shutdown procedures.

Additional Information

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