Towing a Lincoln Navigator on Four Wheels Using Flat Towing


Just because you’re exploring the great outdoors in your state-of-the-art RV doesn’t mean you have to leave the luxury of your Lincoln in the driveway at home. Here’s how to tow your Navigator behind your RV without damaging the transmission or gearbox. Sounds pretty simple — and it is.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to hitch up your Navigator to your tow vehicle.
  2. Now set up Flat Tow – also known as Recreational Tow or Neutral Tow. First, press the brake pedal, start the engine and confirm that your vehicle is in Normal Mode.
  3. Place the transmission in Stay in Neutral mode. A message appears in your information display prompting you to press the manual button. You’ll get a message telling you that Stay in Neutral mode has been engaged.
  4. Now, turn the engine off by pushing the Start/Stop button. A Transmission Not in Park message may appear in the information display. Place the vehicle in Accessory mode by pressing the Start/Stop button without pressing the brake pedal. Now is the time to press and hold the brake pedal.
    Now, turn your attention to your vehicle’s information display:
  • Select Settings>Advanced Settings>Vehicle>Neutral Tow.
  • Make sure you press and hold the OK button until you see the message Neutral Tow Enabled. Leave transmission in Neutral.
  • Release the brake pedal and turn your Navigator off.

To disengage the Flat Tow feature, make sure your vehicle is still properly secured to the tow vehicle, then:

  1. Press the brake pedal and start the engine.
  2. Next, press the brake pedal and turn the engine off.
  3. Now, place the vehicle in Accessory mode by pressing the Start/Stop button once without pressing the brake.
  4. Finally, hold and press the brake pedal and shift out of Neutral and into Park.
  5. Release the brake. You will get a message telling you that Neutral Tow, or Flat Tow, has been disabled.