What is the windshield and glass on my Lincoln made of?

The glass windshield in your Lincoln vehicle is made differently than the side and rear windows. The ultraviolet (UV) glass windshield is made of thin pieces of glass adhered together with vinyl laminate. Your vehicle's side and rear windows consist of a single layer of thick, tempered glass.


  • UV-A can lead to certain types of tissue damage over time but does not cause a suntan or sunburn.
  • UV-B causes tanning and burning, leading to photo-aging or skin damage.

UV Windshield and Glass Information

Due to safety regulations, all windshields in North America are made with laminated glass. The multiple layers of glass contain natural UV inhibitors that reduce the transmission of UV rays through the windshield. This protects interior vehicle plastics and occupants from UV exposure. A laminated windshield blocks 98 to 99 percent of all UV-A and UV-B exposure.

The tempering process for the side and rear windows strengthens the glass, which breaks into many tiny pieces. Your vehicle's side and rear windows block up to approximately 70 percent of UV-B light, limiting UV-B exposure. However, UV-A light still largely passes through.