Get directions with SYNC 3

Just say where you want to go to get directions with SYNC® 3 navigation features (if equipped). This convenient travel experience was designed around you, providing traffic- and weather-related conditions, potential delays, and points of interest (POI) along your route. This helps you reach your final destination safely, while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

Watch this video to see how available SYNC 3 Navigation works.

Optimize your route

You can set your map, route, and navigation preferences to personalize what SYNC displays during active navigation. To access these features press the Settings icon in the Feature Bar, and then press the Navigation icon.

Choose from the following options:

  • Press Map preferences to have SYNC display 3D city models (if available), Breadcrumbs and POI icons on the touchscreen map as they appear along your route. You can also select from a variety of Incident Map icons that alert you to conditions that may affect your route such as traffic jams, accidents, weather warnings and more.
  • Press Route preferences to tell SYNC how to calculate your route. You can select Fastest or Shortest, or choose Eco to have SYNC provide you with the most economical route to your destination. (The default route is Fastest.) You can also specify if you want SYNC to Always Use <Preferred> Route, Use HOV Lanes, Automatically Find Parking, Avoid Toll Roads and more.
  • Press Navigation preferences to select the prompts you want SYNC to use during navigation. Choose Voice & Tones, Voice Only or Tones Only.

Set multiple destinations along your route

  • Press the Destination icon during an active route, and set a destination by pressing the Home, Work or Favorites icon. Learn how to set a destination.
  • After you make your selection, SYNC will display a screen confirming your selection. Press the Add Waypoint iicon to add the destination to your route. You can select up to five waypoints.
  • The next screen will display your Waypoint List, which shows your waypoints and final destination. You can change the order in which they appear, or have SYNC optimize the order for you. Once you have the order you want, press Go.
  • SYNC calculates your route and displays your waypoints and final destination on the touchscreen map.

Get more information with cityseeker

Cityseeker (when available) can provide you with more detailed information about certain POIs such as restaurants, hotels, and other attractions along your route. cityseeker is currently available in approximately 1,000 cities in the United States, 36 in Canada, and 15 in Mexico.

  • To use cityseeker, select a POI icon, and press its name when SYNC displays it on the touchscreen.
  • A screen will appear that shows the POI’s location and related information, such as the address and phone number. Press More Info (if available) to learn more about the location.
  • When the next screen appears, cityseeker will provide you with detailed information about the POI you selected. For example, you can see star ratings, a list of amenities at a hotel, admission hours and prices of nearby landmarks and more.