Receiving iPhone text messages with SYNC® 3

Man driving in Lincoln vehicle

With a simple voice command, SYNC 3 enables you to listen to text messages while your iPhone is securely put away. You may also be able to reply to text messages with any one of the 15 preset messages provided by SYNC 3 and voice commands.27,48

Note:Text messaging is a phone-dependent feature. View the SYNC 3 compatibility chart for your device.

  1. Activate Notifications on your iPhone
    • Tap Settings > Bluetooth > SYNC*
    • Set Show Notifications to ON
    *If you have more than one SYNC vehicle that connects to your iPhone, please make sure you have activated the correct SYNC Bluetooth® connection on your iPhone to receive notifications.
  2. Ensure the SYNC 3 “Do Not Disturb” feature is turned off
    • Press the Phone icon in the Feature bar at the bottom of your touchscreen.
    • Press the Do Not Disturb icon to turn it off or on.
    • A pop-up will appear on the touchscreen confirming the status.
  3. Test receiving a text message
    Have a friend or family member send a text message to your iPhone and check for the following:
    When your iPhone is paired to SYNC 3 and a new text message arrives, an audible tone will sound and the touchscreen will display a pop-up with the sender’s name and ID (if this feature is supported by your iPhone).
    If SYNC was able to display an alert and read the incoming text message aloud, you’re all set! You can continue enjoying this feature without additional set up and jump to step 6 to learn voice commands.  If not, continue on with the remaining steps.
  4. Restart your vehicle
    Before you check to see if you can start using the text messaging feature right away, you’ll need to restart your vehicle:
    • Turn off the ignition.
    • Open the driver’s side door.
    • Wait for the instrument cluster to turn off.
    • Close the driver’s side door.
    • Start your vehicle again.
    Also, ensure that your iPhone screen is locked. Your iPhone will only notify SYNC of incoming text messages when the screen is locked.
  5. If SYNC 3 does not receive the text message
    If SYNC never displayed the text message alert or was unable to read the text message aloud, then you may need to restore your iPhone to its factory settings and try these instructions again.
    Warning: Restoring your iPhone to its factory settings will remove all of its data, music, photos, settings and applications. We recommend backing up your iPhone’s data, using either iTunes or iCloud, so that you’ll be able to restore all of your personal data to your iPhone after the reset is complete.36
  6. Listening to text messages
    Press the Voice button on your steering wheel and say, “Listen to text message.”
    SYNC 3 will read the message aloud.
  7. If you wish to call the sender, press the Voice button and say, “Dial.”