Accepting Lincoln Enhance Software Updates 

Should you choose to turn your Automatic Updates OFF but keep Notifications ON (manual setting), you will not receive Lincoln Enhance software updates automatically, and you will be prompted to accept the update. Keep an eye out for the Black arrow pointing down at black, horizontal bracket to represent an over the air system update icon on your in-vehicle screen. Click on the icon when it appears to learn more.


Even if you have Automatic Updates ON, there are some occasions when an update needs your permission to continue. When this happens, a Locked padlock by a black arrow that points down at horizontal bracket to indicate permission is required to update  icon appears on your in-vehicle screen. Click it to learn more and accept the update.

There are two ways to accept updates:


From your SYNC® screen:

  1. Press the Update Available icon in the status bar

  2. In the status information menu, press Update Available

  3. Accept the update by pressing Update

Or from your SYNC screen:

  1. Press Settings

  2. Press System Updates
    1. Depending on your vehicle, this could be on the second or third page of Settings

  3. Press Update Details

  4. Accept the update by pressing Update