How to install updates in your vehicle

Lincoln owner in backseat of vehicle looking at laptop.

We periodically release software updates to deliver the most advanced technology. To get started, download the software update to a USB drive. Once downloaded, take your laptop or mobile device to your vehicle and follow the steps below.27

  1. Start your vehicle. You will need to leave the engine running for the entirety of the installation process. You can drive your vehicle during this process without interrupting the software update, or you can simply leave the vehicle running and parked in a safe place. (Please do not leave your vehicle unattended.)
    Turn on the audio system and set your audio volume at a low but audible level.

  2. Insert the USB drive containing the update. Don't remove your USB drive until the installation is complete.
    The installation should begin automatically.
    In the event that the installation does not begin automatically, you can perform a Master Reset of your system.

  3. A message is spoken by the system and displayed on-screen to let you know the process is about to start and what to expect. The on-screen message has an “OK” button for you to confirm the start of the process.

  4. The system reboots, and then an installation progress bar displays on the touch screen. This segment may take up to 20 minutes.
    You may see some variation in this segment, depending on your system.

  5. At the completion of this part of the process, a “Restarting System” message displays on the touch screen. A reboot will occur during this process.
    The touch screen will then remain black for up to two minutes.

  6. “Installing Service Pack …” is displayed for more than 10 minutes.
    Another black screen could last up to two minutes for rebooting.

  7. The system displays the Home Screen briefly, followed by a progress bar.

  8. A message acknowledges completion of the update along with a reminder to visit to confirm successful installation.

  9. The update is complete when you see an “Installation Complete!” message. Press “OK” on your eight-inch center screen and remove the USB drive to enjoy your newly enhanced system.

  10. Take the USB drive back to your computer to report your installation.