SYNC® System Overview

SYNC with MyLincoln Touch screen

SYNC® with MyLincoln TouchTM allows you to use voice or simple touchscreen commands to make calls, play music, adjust climate, and get useful information about your vehicle.12

Getting the most out of SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch

To get the most out of SYNC with MyFord Touch, you’ll need:

  • A Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (check our list of compatible phones)
  • A media player that connects through USB

Even without these, you can use SYNC to control in-vehicle systems, such as Climate and AM/FM Radio, although you won’t be able to make hands-free calls or use many features and services.

Start by connecting your Bluetooth phone to SYNC through a process called "pairing."  Once your phone is paired, it connects with SYNC each time you enter your vehicle, and calls may be transferred between your phone and your vehicle without hanging up.

After pairing your phone, use SYNC voice commands to make calls, play music, and much more.

SYNC and your phone work closely together. It’s important to use a phone that is compatible with the SYNC features you want, keep your phone’s firmware up to date, and learn as much as you can about your phone’s capabilities.


To learn more, you can also view the MyLincoln Touch User Guide. You'll find an overview of the system's features and settings, a quick-start guide, support resources, and more.