How to make and receive hands-free calls with SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

Lincoln owner driving and pressing voice command button on steering wheel.

Once your Bluetooth®-enabled phone is paired with and connected to SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation, you can answer a call by touching a button. Transfer your phonebook to SYNC and use simple voice commands to call any of your contacts by name and location, like "Call Mary at office."12,25

  1. To make a hands-free call, press or pull the Voice button.
    You’ll hear a tone that indicates SYNC is listening. SYNC may prompt, “SYNC. Please say a command.”

  2. Say “Phone.” After SYNC confirms it has heard you, say one of the following:
    • Dial <and the number>
    • Call <name of contact as it’s listed in your phonebook>
    • Call <name of contact and location as it’s listed in your phonebook>
    SYNC may prompt you to confirm the number or the name and location of your contact.

  3. Say your choice to confirm your selection. When the call is answered, begin speaking.

  4. To end your call, press and hold the Phone button or End Call button for a few seconds.

  5. To receive a hands-free call, press the Phone button or Call Answer button and begin speaking.
    If you choose to ignore the call, it will be logged as a missed call.