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Sound you can feel

What did it take to turn the well-appointed cabin of the Lincoln MKX into your own private concert hall? Quite a bit, actually. Whether it was moving tweeter and midrange speakers closer together to improve sound quality or employing QuantumLogic® Surround Sound technology so you can enjoy a variety of listening modes, no note was left unheard. And thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Revel,  you’ll not only hear your music the way it was meant to be heard, you’ll feel it too.

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Enhanced Active Park Assist*

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Available enhanced active park assist makes getting in or out of tight parking spaces easy61. Ultrasonic sensors can locate an available spot and help the vehicle steer into place. Perpendicular park assist helps you guide the vehicle into perpendicular spots in Reverse, while park out assist aids in getting out of tight parallel parking spots. Meanwhile, you control the shifter buttons, brake and accelerator for seamless parking.

Lane-keeping System*

Lane-Keeping System*

It happens at times to the best of drivers–unintentionally drifting out of the driving lane. That’s when you’ll appreciate this driver-activated system. A camera mounted behind the windshield monitors road lane markings to determine vehicle position and detect lane departures. Through a series of steering wheel vibrations, which resemble driving over a rumble strip, the lane-keeping alert can warn you that you’re starting to drift outside the lane. The lane-keeping aid actively applies steering torque, which can help you direct your vehicle back into the target lane should the system detect an unintended lane departure.61

*Available. Lane-Keeping System does not control steering.
Rain-sensing Wipers*

Rain-Sensing Wipers

One less thing to have to worry about. When it starts to rain or snow, the available rain-sensing wipers* automatically activate and can be set to one of five levels of sensitivity. So intuitive, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. The five moisture-sensitivity settings accommodate everything from light rain to a downpour.
*System must be turned off before entering an automatic car wash
360-Degree Camera*

360 Degree Camera*

Upgrade your field of vision from every angle. Four cameras on the front, rear and sides merge to provide a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle.61 You’ll be better able to see down sidewalks while backing up and navigating tight parking spots. Plus, a deployable 180-degree split-view camera located in the vehicle’s front grille helps boost visibility in cross-traffic situations, intersections and seeing around parked cars.