A 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV is being driven on a road near a lake
A 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV is shown on a tree-lined road to demonstrate the performance of the twin-turbocharged engine
    A woman is driving a 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV as the navigation application on the center touchscreen guides her course
Blue skies are seen through the expansive panoramic Vista Roof® as sunlight illuminates the broad cabin with a warm glow.


*Horsepower and torque are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously.
Pre-collision Assist with Automatic Emergency braking detects pedestrians, but not in all conditions, and can help avoid or reduce a collision.
A 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV is shown being driven down a lakeside road


Move with the flow. Available Adaptive Cruise Control in the Lincoln Nautilus® does much more than keep the vehicle traveling at a set speed. Stop-and-Go marries camera and radar, so the Nautilus® can sense and adjust to the pace of cars ahead. Stop-and-Go allows the vehicle to come to a complete stop and resume when traffic begins to move. Plus, Lane Centering Assist uses data from the forward-looking radar and camera to provide continuous steering support to help keep the vehicle centered in the lane.61
A 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV is shown stopped on an incline to demonstrate the power of auto-hold


Elevated technology for uplifting journeys. Auto Hold offers relief when you come to stop signs, long traffic signals and other braking situations. When you stop the vehicle using the brake pedal, the system will hold and then release the brakes when the accelerator is pushed.
A close-up image of the LED headlamps that help place light in the direction that the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV is heading


Adapting illumination. The available full LED Multi-Projector Headlamps provide a broad field of light, giving the driver a wide field of awareness of what lies ahead. The independent lenses can change to widen or narrow the path of light in the direction in which the vehicle is traveling. Additionally, Adaptive Static Bending illuminates curves in the road for enhanced visibility.