SYNC®* 3 Settings overview

You can personalize your SYNC® 3 system with various settings on the touchscreen display. In the Settings menu, you can change feature preferences and ways to interact with your vehicle. To access additional settings and menus, simply swipe the screen to scroll through choices.27

View how to personalize your SYNC 3 settings in this video.

Learn how to change the feature settings in the list below.

Accessing your SYNC 3 Settings

  • To access additional settings, swipe the screen left or right.
  • To scroll through menu choice either swipe up or down or press the scroll bar arrow.
  • To choose a different option, slide the button to the Off or On position.
  • If at any time you’d like more information, press the information icon.


  • Treble
  • Midrange
  • Bass
  • Balance and fade
  • Speed adaptive volume
  • Occupancy mode
  • Sound settings stereo
  • Surround sound

Voice Control

  • Advanced mode
  • Phone confirmation
  • Voice command list

Media Player

  • Adjust audiobook and podcast speed
  • Set cover art priority for your music files
  • Reset your stored media information
  • Access Gracenote® Database info
  • View device information


  • Adjust time
  • Select AM or PM
  • Choose clock format
  • Set Auto Time Zone Update
  • Reset Clock to GPS Time (for Navigation-equipped vehicles)


  • Turn the Bluetooth feature on or off
  • Pair and add a Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Make a Bluetooth-enabled device primary
  • Connect, disconnect or delete a device

911 Assist®

  • Set 911 Assist on or off
  • Select in case of emergency (ICE) contacts (after the contacts have been downloaded to SYNC 3)


  • Activate FM and AM HD radio if available
  • View radio text when using FM radio
  • Auto set the six strongest radio stations in your location as your presets


Map Preferences: select ways to view the feature

  • 3-D city model
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Point of interest (POI) icons
  • Incident map icons

Route Preferences

  • Preferred route
  • Always use preferred route
  • Use HOV lanes
  • Automatically find parking
  • Eco time penalty
  • Avoid traffic problems

Navigation Preferences

  • Guidance prompts

Mobile Apps

  • Update mobile apps
  • Grant or deny permissions to all mobile apps at once
  • Grant or deny permissions to individual mobile apps


  • View recent call list
  • Access and manage your contacts
  • Adjust phone settings
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Use phone keypad
  • Enable Do Not Disturb


  • Language displayed on the touchscreen in English, Spanish or French
  • Distance display in kilometers or miles
  • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Confirmation touchscreen beep Off or On
  • Automatic system software updates
  • SYNC version information appears in About
  • View software licenses
  • Perform a master reset of the system


  • Select an available Wi-Fi network and connect to it
  • Select Wi-Fi available notifications
  • Download SYNC updates

*The Wi-Fi feature on SYNC 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi networks when a browser is required


  • Set door keypad code
  • Adjust camera settings
  • Adjust rear camera display


  • Brightness
  • Mode, which can automatically switch between day and night modes based on the outside light level

Valet Mode

Valet mode allows you to lock the system. No information is accessible until the system is unlocked with the correct PIN.

Ambient Lighting

If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, you can adjust:

  • Color
  • Intensity

Additional Information

How do I get the latest navigation map updates for my SYNC system?

*Do not drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice-operated systems when possible.  Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear.  Not all features are compatible with all phones.