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Can I defer/extend a payment on my account?

A payment extension allows you to defer one or more payments until a later date.

When you are granted an extension, your payment schedule will move forward in time the same amount of time as the scheduled due dates are extended so that the payments due may be paid later than what was originally contemplated under your contract. All other terms of your contract remain in full force and effect.   

To process an extension within Account Manager, please take the following steps:

  • Sign in to Account Manager.
  • Select the "Request Payment Extension" link directly under your payment amount on the landing page.
  • Review the extension process.
  • Select "Let's Get Started."
  • Select "Reason for the Extension" from the drop-down menu.
  • Select "Continue and Review Agreement."
  • Review the extension agreement and select "I Have Reviewed Agreement."
  • Once you have reviewed and accepted all terms of the extension, close the agreement and click "Next Step."
  • Check the "Accept and Sign" box and click "Submit" to finalize your request.

NOTE: All parties to the contract must be registered in Account Manager individually to complete this process. Additionally, all parties must click the "Accept and Sign" box within five calendar days of the date of the extension request or the request will expire.  

If there is an extension fee, it will be disclosed on the extension form prior to completing the process.

  • You will see the extension fee assessment on your invoice. While the fee appears in the "Total Amount Due," it can be paid at any time before the end of your contract, and no additional charges will accrue on unpaid fees. If there is an extension fee and you are enrolled in automatic payments, the extension fee will be paid on your next payment due date, along with your next payment, as displayed on the "Total Amount Due" that appears on your invoice. To unenroll from automatic payments, select Settings, Automatic Payments, Stop Automatic Payments.

When the extension is processed, your last scheduled payment due date also will be extended by the number of months you extended.

  • The extension does not extend coverage of any insurance products, service contracts or other ancillary products. All other terms of your contract remain unchanged.
  • If the contract is not at 0% (APR > 0%):
    • Finance charges, or interest, will continue to accrue on your account and will be due with your next payment after the extension.
    • Your next payment will be applied first to any earned and unpaid interest and then to other amounts you owe.
    • Because of the extension, your unpaid amount financed, or the principal balance, may not be reduced as rapidly as it would have been under your original payment schedule.
    • This may result in your owing more finance charges (interest) over the term of your contract than originally disclosed on your contract and potentially having a larger last scheduled payment due than originally disclosed. If you cannot make the last scheduled payment in full by its due date as reflected on your monthly invoice, please contact us to discuss options for satisfying the remaining balance.