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What is Ford Pro™ FinSimple™, and how does it relate to Lincoln AFS?

Ford Pro™ FinSimple™ is the new commercial financing brand name for Lincoln AFS clients. Our goal is to separate your experience from those financing personal-use or retail vehicles, so we can meet your unique business needs.   

Ford Pro FinSimple provides easy, transparent financing for your fleet, so you can concentrate on what you really want to do—run a successful business. Ford Pro FinSimple is here to support Ford Pro, an always-on, one-stop shop for commercial clients to help accelerate productivity, improve uptime, and help reduce total cost of ownership. 
So, what can you expect during our name change over the upcoming months? 

  • New name, but still the same great products and services you expect from Lincoln AFS 
  • Same team when you need us, answering your calls at 1-877-224-1262 ext. 74977 
  • Integration of the Ford Pro FinSimple brand on emails and other materials 
  • Rollout of the Ford Pro FinSimple website to better serve your financing needs 
  • Same Account Manager payment system—continue to access it at Account Manager | Lincoln Automotive Financial Services 

Please “pardon our dust” during this transition, as you will see a mixture of Lincoln AFS and Ford Pro FinSimple branding over the upcoming months. 
Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting evolution of the Ford Pro FinSimple brand. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a loyal client. 

For more information about Ford Pro FinSimple, you can visit fordpro.com to check out all that we have to offer.