What are the Avis President's Club Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers about Avis President's Club are listed below.

Avis President's Club website: www.avis.com/en/bridge/partner/lincoln/avis-presidents-club

Important: The one-week complimentary rental availability is subject to blackout dates. You will need to confirm these dates with Avis.

Avis President's Club FAQs

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I just bought a Black Label, and I am traveling tomorrow to one of the five complimentary rental airports. Can I make my reservation now?

No, you must first enroll with Avis, and it may take up to 30 days to confirm enrollment and upgrade you to the President's Club level benefits and the Black Label complimentary rental benefit.

How can I utilize the Avis President's Club benefit if my significant other or company is the one who is attached to the Wizard Number?

Unfortunately, the person who registers for the Wizard Number is the only one who can access the Avis President's Club benefits. You must speak directly with Avis. Lincoln does not control how the President's Club rules and regulations work.

Do I need my Wizard Number to make a complimentary reservation at one of the five rental airports?

Yes, check your email for enrollment confirmation, or go to the Avis website, select Log In, then select Forgot Username/Wizard Number to obtain your Wizard Number. You must have your Avis Wizard Number before calling.

Can I get the complimentary rental at a different airport?

No, only the five major airports are part of the complimentary benefit. However, you can receive up to 25% off base rates anywhere you travel using the Black Label program number (AWD #A750800).

Participating International Airports include:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • Atlanta

How do you determine the first year of ownership Avis President's Club complimentary benefit period?

The complimentary reservation benefits period is one year from the vehicle warranty start date.

What happens to my Avis President's Club membership benefits after the first year?

Lincoln Black Label President's Club members will be graded to the level proportionate to their Avis rental activity.

Can I combine my two complimentary rentals and get one rental for two weeks?

No, the complimentary rental is for one week at a time. If you require a rental for two weeks, you can accomplish this with two different reservations, but you will need to bring back the original rental and get a second one. You will not be able to do two consecutive weeks on one reservation.

Who do I contact to reserve my complimentary rentals once I have my Wizard Number?

Contact Avis directly to schedule your complimentary rental vehicle reservation. The phone number for their President's Club is 1-800-651-2847.

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