How can I request a Vehicle Identification Number Decode Letter for my Lincoln?

To receive information specific to your vehicle, see the options below:

  • Vehicle model years 2018-current: You can request a Duplicate Window Sticker.
  • Vehicle model years 1967-2017: You can request a Build Sheet.
  • Vehicle model years 1920-1949 and 1956: Refer to Lincoln Historical Information.
  • Vehicle model years 1950-1955 and 1957-1966: Contact Lincoln Concierge at 1-800-521-4140 to request a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decode Letter. Please have your VIN, and Door Tag codes (if available), when calling.

Note: Most older VINs will be 11 digits long. Some could be 10 digits (e.g. Thunderbird) and some could be 13 to 15 digits (e.g. Canadian VINs).

VIN Lookup and Guides

You can visit the VIN Lookup and Guides site to check your VIN.

Note: Scroll down to the "VIN Guides" section, and you can download a guide by model year.

Additional Information

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