With Phone As A Key and the Lincoln Way App, life is a little more effortless. Lock/unlock, start your vehicle and more, even if your key fob isn’t with you.

A woman holding a smartphone viewing the Lincoln Way App.


If you haven't done so, take a moment to download the Lincoln Way App. It's the only way to unlock the state-of-the-art convenience that is Phone As A Key. Phone As A Key is standard on 2020 Lincoln Navigator, available on 2020 Lincoln Aviator and Corsair.

• Download the Lincoln Way App from the App Store® or Google Play™ Store

• Enroll by creating an account or logging in to an existing account

• Create a PIN, then add and activate your new Lincoln using Lincoln Connect™†

• Set up and start using Phone As A Key*


A woman holding a smartphone and viewing the Lincoln Way App in front of a cup of coffee.
A man holding a smartphone viewing the Lincoln Way App walks toward the front grille of a Lincoln vehicle.

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How do I use my vehicle at a valet?

  • Open Valet Mode in the Settings. SYNC® will display a temporary eight-digit valet passcode. Note: Backup start passcode must already be set up
  • Write down the passcode and give it to the valet attendant in order to:
    1. Unlock your vehicle's door. The valet should use the first five digits of the temporary passcode by entering them on the SecuriCode™ keyless entry keypad
    2. To start the engine SYNC will request the valet driver to enter all eight digits from your temporary passcode
  • Once the valet delivers your vehicle, SYNC will prompt you to exit valet mode

How do I enter and start my vehicle if my phone battery is dead?

  • Enter the personal door keypad code that was created during setup
  • Upon entering your vehicle, press the ignition button and the brake to start the vehicle
  • If Lincoln Connect does not detect a smartphone key, you will be asked to enter the backup start passcode
  • Start the engine and charge your phone

How do I enter and start my vehicle if my phone has been lost or stolen?

  • Enter the Personal Door Keypad Code to open the door
  • Press the Start button while holding down the brake pedal. SYNC will prompt you enter the backup start passcode since you won’t have your smartphone
  • Go to a secure area and log in to a different device, then delete the digital key used in the lost or stolen cell phone

Why are my Phone As A Key controls grayed out on the app?

You may not be close enough to the vehicle to establish a secure Bluetooth® connection. Make sure you are within 130 feet (40 meters) and that Bluetooth is turned on.

I installed my Lincoln Way App and reinstalled it. Why can’t I get a new key?

The original key must be revoked first through the Key Reset menu. Once that is complete, simply request a new virtual key from the app.

How do I delete a key from a phone other than mine?

If the keys belong to your account, you can delete them from the Lincoln Way App. If not, the only way to delete them is to perform a key reset.

What smartphones are compatible with Phone As A Key?

  • iPhone compatible with iOS 13 or higher
  • Android compatible with OS 8.0 or higher
  • Initial setup must be completed through the Lincoln Way® App, and the app must be running at least in the background
  • Modem registration must be completed on the Lincoln Way App
  • The phone used must have Bluetooth® 4.2 as a minimum version, and it must be running
  1. aRequires feature activation.
  2. bThe Lincoln Way App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via download. Message and data rates may apply.