Getting started with SYNC® 3


A fully integrated, voice-activated communications, entertainment and information system, SYNC® 3 enables you to stay connected while you’re driving so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

SYNC® 3 is a revolutionary way to interact with your vehicle. The color touchscreen conveniently displays the most-used features with easy-to-read text and icons, right on the home screen. From a light tap, to swiping and pinching for some features, the SYNC® 3 screen responds with impressive speed.

Watch this video to help you get started with SYNC® 3.

How the SYNC® 3 touchscreen keeps you connected

Use the touchscreen to explore and interact with your vehicle. Sensitive and responsive, the touchscreen requires only a light tap for quick access to features. You can also use familiar pinch (if equipped with Navigation), swipe and slide functions with some screens.

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, your touchscreen may vary slightly from the descriptions below. All home screens display the following sections:

Status bar

The Status bar always appears at the top of the home screen. Icons and messages may appear here to provide you with notifications.

The Status bar icons indicate the current status of several features. The Status bar may appear slightly different depending on whether certain features are on or off.

SYNC status bar.

Here’s a list of features that may appear in your Status bar:

SYNC home icon.

Touching the home icon will bring you back to the home screen.

SYNC Temperature controls.

If your vehicle is equipped with dual temperature controls, two interior temperatures appear.

SYNC Time.

Time can be set in 12 or 24 hours in the Settings menu.

Outdoor temperature.

Outdoor temperature can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius in the Settings menu.

SYNC microphone.

Microphone is off and can be turned on in the Phone menu.

SYNC audio.

Audio is muted and can be unmuted with the steering wheel controls.


WiFi icon.

Wi-Fi network is available.

Roaming icon.

Cell phone is roaming.

Unread text message icon.

Unread text message.

911 assist icon.

911 Assist feature is off and can be reset in the Settings menu.

Bluetooth alert icon.

Bluetooth® alert.

Bluetooth engaged icon.

Bluetooth is on.


If your vehicle is equipped with the navigation feature, a map of your current location displays on the home screen. If your vehicle is not equipped, a compass appears on the home screen, and this space will display the audio information.

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SYNC navigation screen.

Audio and Entertainment

Learn more about audio and entertainment

SYNC radio screen.


The phone area displays whether or not a phone is connected and if not, the option to connect a phone or add a device.

SYNC phone screen.

Once a phone is paired and connected these status indicators may appear, depending upon your selections made in the Settings menu.

Cell phone reception.

Cell phone signal strength.

Cell phone battery.

Cell phone battery level.

911 assist icon.

911 Assist icons reveal whether or not the feature is active.

Text message received icon.

A new text message has been received.

Do not disturb icon.

The Do Not Disturb feature is on and can be reset in the Settings or Phone menu.

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Climate controlled seats

If your vehicle is equipped with climate controlled seats, this feature may be able to be adjusted on the home screen.

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Climate controlled seats screen.

If your vehicle is equipped with controlling this feature in the touchscreen. See your Owner Manuals for instructions specific to your vehicle.

Feature bar

The Feature bar appears at the bottom of the home screen.

A light tap on each icon will deliver the main menu for the corresponding feature. When you touch an icon, it will change color to indicate which menu you’re viewing.

Feature bar.

Audio icon.

Press the Audio icon to select a source for music and audio.

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Climate icon.

Press the Climate icon to reveal all the ways to adjust temperature, air flow, defrost and fan speed.

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Phone icon.

After pairing your phone, press the Phone icon to access things like contacts, recent call lists and text messages.

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Navigation icon.

Press the Navigation icon to set your destination and select your route.

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Apps icon.

Press the Apps icon to access compatible mobile apps and use on-screen, steering wheel buttons and voice commands to control them.

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Settings icon.

Press the Settings icon to personalize your in-vehicles settings.

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Quick Tip

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the touchscreen and vehicle controls.

Learn how to use voice commands with SYNC® 3